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Revueltos, I understand, means unruly or a mess, but more importantly here scrambled as in eggs. They love them in Spain, with mushrooms, broad beans, jamon, you name it and here with garlic shoots.

Ajos tiernos are garlic shoots and are very close to my heart as when I lived in Xativa in Valencia, they seemed to have a particular passion for them and grew them there in abundance. In some parts of town where they store them before transportation you can smell their sweet garlicky aromas in the surrounding streets. They are not to be confused with the wild garlic we find here in Britain, although this can be substituted as it has a remarkably similar taste, although ajos tiernos, being like spring onions have a different texture.

First slice your garlic shoots, all of them including the green ends. Prepare some herbs, I would use mint and parsley, but chervil, chives, whatever takes your fancy. Heat some oil in a pan and add the garlic sprouts and the some salt. Fry for a while on a high heat and then cover and sweat for ten minutes on a low heat until soft and sweet. Add some beaten eggs, stir with a wooden spoon and season. Stir in the herbs when just about cooked and serve on their own or on toast with a glass of palo cortado…

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