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Mussels with onions, celery and cider

The cider combines well with mussels being quite a subtle and slightly tart flavour. Make sure it is a dry cider though. I use Aspal Premier Cru, but any dry cider will do. I use butter, not oil in this as it adds that extra depth and richness and of course cider comes from dairy country.

1 kg mussels 1 medium onion 1 stalk of celery A little coarsely chopped parsley 250 ml dry cider

Chop the onions and celery, not too fine, you want a little crunch to them. Melt the butter and sauté the vegetables, stirring for five minutes or so until a little soft and not coloured. Add the cider and reduce for a couple of minutes. Turn the heat up to full and when boiling throw in the mussels and parsley and cook shaking pan every now and then until the mussels just open.

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