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I was introduced to this wonderful soup by David Eyre at the Eagle and used to have it on the menu at Cigala from time to time. Simplicity again. Few ingredients. This is one of those instant soups that you can rustle up as long as you have some good chicken stock, leftover meat and rice. It is nourishing, healthy, light and soothing. My only addition is a spash of fino or manzanilla top, which I nearly always add to broth like soups. It seems to lift them a little, give them a little edge.

Good chicken broth

Cooked rice

Some cooked chicken meat

A slice of lemon

A little mint

A splash of fino or manzanilla

Heat the broth with the meat, the sliced mint and season well with salt and pepper. Put a slice of lemon, some rice and pour the broth over, add a splash of fino/manzanilla.

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