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Caldo verde - chorizo, potato and spring green soup

Probably Portugal’s most famous soup. In early spring when the weather is still questionable; this soup brings comfort, warms and soothes. You don’t need stock so there is no excuse. Easy to make and nourishing.

Onions Potatoes Spring greens or other greens Garlic Chorizo Olive oil

It is important to get the right potatoes, which is not difficult. Baking potatoes work well or marris pipers or King Edwards all being of a more fluffy nature. Waxy potatoes will not achieve the requisite effect.

This being peasant food not haute cuisine, dice the chorizo coarsely. Place the chorizo in a pan with a little olive oil on a low heat. The aim is to render down the fat in the chorizo and to utilize it with the olive oil to cook the onions and potatoes, so being that they soak up all that good flavour.

When the fat has withdrawn from the chorizo and there is plenty of the delicious red stuff in the pan, add the chopped onions (again peasant fayre so not too fine, quite course) and cook on low heat until soft, add the chopped-up potatoes and raise the heat, getting some colour on the vegetables now. Cover in water and simmer until potatoes are cooked. Now mash coarsely with a fork. We are not looking for a puree, but a course, rustic affair.

Chop the greens very finely and add to the soup. Cook until just tender. DO NOT OVERCOOK. Season and serve with lashings of good quality olive oil.

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